Selling Your Home During a Pandemic:

Yes, Homes are still selling. 

We have not seen any decreases in home prices in Illinois or Indiana.

Some Homes are selling just as fast as the pre-covid market.

Some Homes are still getting multiple offers.

Some Buyers are taking advantage of this lower buyer competition to buy houses.

Obviously, the number of showings are down due to the virus concerns.

Limited data shows that Vacant houses are getting more showings than occupied homes.

Keep in mind you don't need 10 showings to sell a home.

Just one buyer and one showing may be all you need.

To protect our sellers, we have door signage and we send an Email to the Buyers Agent before the showing that states:

A maximum of 4 people can enter a home at a time and to please be sensible and caring. Don't enter this home if you have a fever, sickness symptoms or have been exposed to someone carrying the covid 19 virus. Please wear gloves and carry disinfectant wipes with you.


1. We also supply our sellers with shoe covers for buyer use during the showing.

2. We supply a lockbox, which eliminates the need for sellers to be present for the buyers arrival.

We also ask that the seller not be present and not return to the home right away.

A Study has shown that some small viral particles could float in the air for up to a couple of hours in non-congested spaces, but they don’t swarm like gnats. 

3. We also use video tours, so buyers who are reluctant to enter a home, can take a video walk through. Just as if they were walking through it on an actual showing. If they like what they see, they will schedule an actual viewing. This eliminates uninterested buyers.

4. Paperwork can be signed using electronic signatures.

This can be done on your phone or computer from the safety of your own home.

5. Leave hand sanitizer out and ask that they use this before walking through your Home.

6. Cover door knobs with plastic saran wrap which can be removed after the showing.

7. Even closings are being done in parking lots at the title company or in isolated rooms in your Attorneys office.

This has worked successfully since mid-March. Your Safety is the number one priority!